The Kitchen and Rail is Coming to Eagan in a Few Months

kitchen and rail

Kitchen and Rail is a new restaurant coming to Eagan in a couple of months. The concept was spawned by a pair of hospitality gurus with years of combined experience. Their food and beverage program will boast a menu that combines scratch cooking and a “protein forward” approach to the dining experience. They’ll also offer craft cocktails and a snazzy wine list. And they’ll be doing it all in a space-efficient environment that’s a joy to work in. For the lucky few who can get the invite, they’ll be treated to an experience that’s hard to beat.

To celebrate its impending arrival, the eatery is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on August 16. It’s a long time since an award has been handed out for something as prestigious as a new restaurant, but if past performances are any indicator, the barge will be towed to the winners’ circle in no time. While the restaurant isn’t scheduled to open until early September, a soft opening will take place later in the month, allowing those who want to get in on the action to do so. Guests can look forward to a menu that combines a mix of classic homestyle family recipes and some funky spins on global cuisine.

While the Kitchen and Rail ain’t quite ready to call Eagan home, it’s only a matter of time before the next wave of restaurants makes their way to the north metro. In the meantime, take advantage of the opportunity to relive your youth with a visit to Eagan’s newest hotspot. Whether it’s a late night fling with the girls or a pre-dinner drink with the boys, it’s sure to be a fun and memorable one. Hopefully, they can come up with an equally appealing menu to match! Keep a close eye on the local paper for details!