1.1. Lighthandesign ( the Seller ) discipilines with the following Terms and Conditions of Sale the offer and the sale of its products through remote retail sale, via Internet, accessing on www.lightandesign.com website (Shop Online ).

1.2. According to the following Terms and Conditions you expressly agree to do your shopping with non commercial , business or professional purposes, potentially performed by you.

1.3. The Seller is not accountable for the sale of goods / services by third parties , different from the Seller present on www.lightandesign.com website via link, banner or other hypertext connetions.

1.4. Due to the substatial number of Products on sale by the Seller , informations about the main characteristics and prices of Products ( here are added shipping costs, postal delivery, taxes ad any other cost) are shown, one by one , by clicking on the items present in the sliding menu achievable on www.lightandesign.com homepage.

2. Seller identity

2.1. The products in question submitted to the following Terms and Conditions are put on the market by “lightandesign”, with operational office in Martina Franca (Br), Via lanucara, 4, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Brindisi, on the Registry of Business with VAT number 03225910730

2.2. For any information , you can quickly call the Seller :

– by telephone at the number : (+39)  392 07 28 777

– by email at the address : info@lightandesign.com


3.1. The validity of the prices shown is only and always that specified on the above-quoted website at the same time of the order trasmission.

3.2. It is agreed that product prices and costs may change without any obligation of communication . Hence, verify you the final price before to continue with your order.

4. Availability of products

4.1. To ensure the processig and dispatching of orders without late, the seller specifies in actual time , on the electronic catalogue , the availability of products

4.2. If, for any reason, an order excedees the amount of products available in the storehouse , the seller will let you know about this situation and it will inform you about waiting times to obtain the required products , asking you about the intention to confirm or not the order

4.3. In case of positive reply , the seller will confirm you the completed enrollment of the order forwarding you a confirmation by email, in compliance with what established at the paragraph 5.4.

4.4. Otherwise, in case of negative reply , the seller provides for a rufund of the purchase cost and of the possible shipping costs met by you.

5. Purchase agreement conclusion

5.1. The Online Sale concludes via Internet accessing on www.lightandesign.com website , where following the here specified procedures, you will make official your order proposal to buy the products selected and chosen by you.

5.2. The above-quoted Online Sale is considered concluded with a received summary email by the seller , who however, according to his judgement , he reserves the right to not approve the order , in whole or in part . Acceptance is considered tacit if not any way communicated

5.3. With the forwarding of the order proposal , you declare took a look at all information provided during the purchase processing and to wholly agree the following Terms and Conditions.

5.4. With the forwarding of the order proposal , you acknowledge that the order entails the duty to pay , in compliance with the indications provided by the seller after the order acceptation.

5.5. The right reception of the order is confirmed by the seller , within a reasonable period of time, by means of a reply via email at the address given by you during the compilation of the specific form.

5.6. The above-quoted message of confirmation will report the “Customer’s Order Number” to use for any communication with the seller, as well as a reference to the following Terms and Conditions of Sale.

5.7. The message proposes again all informations and with a reference to these, you commit to verify the correctness of data and possibly , to promply communicate any modification , according to the procedures previously written at the paragraph 2.2.

5.8. In case of lack of order’s confirmation , the seller undertakes to provide you a prompt communication.

5.9. Once the purchase procedure is concluded, you will print or save an electronic copy , and in any case, to store the following Terms and Conditions of Sale.

6. Product information

6.1. Products included are the only available on the electronic catalogue of the seller at the moment of the order proposal forwarding. The products are visible on www.lightandesign.com website, as described on the specific informational/technical file.

6.2. Technical information inserted on www.lightandesign.com website faithfully copy those of the producing companies and/or supplier of the products included on the electronic catalogue. The seller, therefore, it reserves the right to modify the technical information of the products, in order to adapt them to those supplied by producers and/ or suppliers, without necessity of any notice.

6.3. It is agreed that , in spite of the seller always adapts precautionary measures aimed to ensure that the pictures shown on the website are faithfull reproductions of the original products ( included the use of any technological solution to reduce at imperfections at minimum), some changes are always possible due to technical and color characteristics of which the computer used is equipped. Consequently , the seller will not be accountable of the possible inappropriateness of graphic representations of products on the website, if this inappropriateness is due to the above-quoted technical reasons, since these representations have merely illustrative purposes.

7. Payment method

7.1. To pay the price of products and costs you will choose one of the payment methods indicated on the procedure of order proposal forwarding which can be reached on www.lightandesign.com website. Payment methods are here summarized.

7.2. Bank transfer : you can pay quickly and sure your order with your home banking . The sum total will be directly charged on your bank account. The shipping of products you ordered will occur only upon real credit on the seller bank account. The reason for payment must report the order information ( year, item and order number ) , these contained on the email of order confirmation. Bank routing numbers on which to perform bank transfers will be communicated at the time of the order.

7.2. Credit card or debit card : Payments with credit cards or debit cards are also accepted ( PostePay for exemple ) without any additional cost on products. It is agreed that you should be the owner of a valid credit card upon the order of products and that the name written on the credit card must be the same of the invoicing data.

7.3. In any time, during the purchase procedure, the seller is able to know information about your credit card ( for exemple the number of your credit card or the deadline of your credit card ), these transmitted via secure connection by encrypted protocol directly to the subject’s website, that manages the electronic payment . Any IT archive of the seller will store and save each private information.

7.5. In any case , the seller can be considered accountable for a possible fraudolent use of credit cards and debit cards from third parties.

8. Delivery times and method

8.1. Each delivery includes :

– the products you have ordered

– the relative transportation document .

– the pertaining informative and marketing material

PS: Invoice can be required to the customer service by email

8.2. The seller will be considered accountable for delivery mistakes due to inaccurancy or incompleteness during the compilation of the purchase order. For the invoice issue will be taken into account the information given by you upon the order. Any change will be possible after the thereof issuance.

8.3. Products purchased will be delivered by the courier chosen by the seller at the shipping address written by you upon the order. Shipping costs change in relation to the destination country

8.4. Delivery times , described and visible on the relative product details on www.lightandesign.com should be intended as “working days ” ( Saturday and Sunday excluded ). They become effective since the courier takes in charge the shipping ( it picks up the shipping from the seller’s operating centre )

8.5. The seller has not responsabilities in case of days late and/or breakdown not caused by him, if he is not able to execute the order on schedule.

8.6. Once received the goods at home , we recommend to verify if packages are intact at the moment of courier delivery . In case of problems you have to point out them to the courier, then, the courier have to take notes about them and you have to reject the delivery. Differently, you lose the possibility to make use of your rights for this reason.

8.7. Shippings occur by TNT, UPS and FedEx couriers.

9. Legal compliance certificate and post-sales customer assistance

9.1. The seller is accountable for any flaws , included also the non-compliance of items with the products ordered , in accordance with the Italian law.

9.2. Any flaws of non-compliance must be denounced to the seller within two months by the date in which the flaws has been noticed. The notification is not necessary if the seller recognizes the existence of the flaw or if he has hidden it .

9.3. The notification must be reached in written form to the seller with one of the procedures specified at paragraph 2.2. Later, the above-quoted seller will indicate his willingness to start with the request . In other words, the reasons that impede from doing so, within 7 working days since the reception. In the same notice the seller must indicate the shipping or return methods of products, as well as, the deadline expected for the return or substitution of flawed products.

9.4. In case of lack of ompliance , you have the right to obtain the compliance reinstatement of products without any added cost , with a restoration or substitution, that is, to obtain a reduction of the price or the contract dissolution relative to contested products and consequently the refund of the price.

9.5. All return costs of defected products will be supported by the seller.

10. Right of withdrawal

10.1. With the exception of the regulation of the article 59 of the Legislative Decree number 206 of 2005 ( Consumer Code ) , you are entitled to break this purchase contract, within 14 days , without giving any reason .

10.2. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day you physically acquire the product.

10.3. In case of several products ordered in a single order and separately shipped , the withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day you physically acquire the last product , as previously indicated at paragraph 10.2.

10.4. In order to to exercise the right of withdrawal , you are obliged to inform the seller about your decision via explicit written declaration according to one of the procedures previously specified at the article 2.

10.5. In these cases, the seller will communicate you via mail, at your address ( this one communicated by you during the purchase forwarding) , the confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal.

10.6. In order to respect the withdrawal deadline you have simply to send the communication regarding the implementation of withdrawal right before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

11. Effects of the withdrawal

11.1. If you break the contract, you will have the refund of all payments , shipping costs included, without late and within 15 working days by the taking charge of the refund form.

11.2. The above-quoted refunds will be done using the same method of payment used by you for the starting money transaction, except you have expressly and differently agreed ; in any case , you will not incur any cost as consequence of refund.

11.3. The refund will be retained by the seller until the reception of products , and it will be done at latest within 20 working days by the reception of products.

11.4. You are invited to ship back the products at the address of the seller . In other words, you will consign the products to a third party authorized by the seller , to receive the products without late and in any case within 14 days from the day you have communicated your will to break the contract. The deadline will be respected if you ship again the goods until the 14 days deadline period.

11.5. Returns and shipments will not be accepted and will not be organized for products that have been subjected to wearing manipulations . Returns will not be done without original packaging ( as on delivery ) and /or with a not-suitable packaging to ensure a secure transport of products.

12. Privacy policy

12.1. The seller protects your privacy and it guarantees that the use of personal information is in compliance with the privacy regulation of the Legislative Decree, 30 June 2003, number 196.

12.2. Personal and financial information directly obtained and/or obtained from third parties by the seller , owner of the consent for the use of personal data, they are collected and treated in written and telematic form or via computer with regard to the treatment methods which have the purpose to register the order and activate the process for the implementation of the present contract and the needed communications , in addition to the fulfilment of the law obligations and also to allow an efficient management of commercial relationship in so far to best execute the required service ( article 24, subsection 1, letter b, Legislative Decree , number 196/2003)

12.3. The seller is obliged to treat with secrecy the personal data and information transmitted by you and to not reveal them to unauthorized people and to neither use them or to transmit them to third parties. for purposes different from the reason they have been required. These information will be visible only if required by the Justice authorities or other authorities legalized for by the law.

12.4. It remains unaffected and unprejudiced , on behalf of you, the leasing of laws, with reference at the clause 7 of the Legislative Decree , number 196/03.

12.5. The communication of your personal information is necessary for a correct and timely implementation of this contract. In default of this, your request or your purchase order will not be started.

12.6. In any case, the acquired information will be preserved for a period of time useful for the purposes for which these information have been demanded or later treated. Their elimination will take place on safe .

12.7. The seller is the owner of this collection and treatment of personal information , to whom you can address any request, at the company office

12.8. Any communication sent to the post address of the seller ( also email ) it will not be considered an information or an informal data , it must not violate the rights of others and it should contains valid and right information, without damaging the rights of others. In any case , the seller will not be accountable of the same messages.

12.9. Transactionale by Flyer Tech is a Flyer techz Srl service, at the address 82, road San Donato , Bologna, BO 40127, Italy (Flyer Tech ). Transactionale by Flyer Tech uses your name, your email and your zip code to show advertisings. Therefore, during the order, your name , your email and your zip code are communicated to Flyer Tech via protected web services. Making an order on this website, you agree the data processing and transmission for the purposes and in the manner over described . The processing of nthese data allows to Flyer Tech to send you by email advertisements of other eCommerces belonging to the Flyer Tech Network.The information obtained by web sites belonging to the Transactionale network are transmitted and saved for the processing at the Flyer Tech server in France. These information are eliminated after 30 days starting from the first communication . Flyer Tech respects the regulation about data protection according to the Privacy Law, article 13, Legislative Decree , 30 June 2003, number 196 ( Privacy Code) .

13. Archiving contract modalities

According to the article 12 of the Legislative Decree number 71 of 2003, each order sent to the seller is stored in digital / written form on the server or at the same seller address according to the privacy and security standards.

14. Applicable regulation and controversies composition .

14.1 The above-quoted General Terms and Conditions of Sale are disciplined by the Italian law and they will be interpreted according to it .

14.2. Possible controversies regarding or consequently to the mentioned General Terms and Conditions of Sale must be exclusively solved by the tribunal of your address town or domicile if it is located on the Italian territory. in other cases , the court of Brindisi is the only territorial jurisdiction , every other territorial jurisdiction is excluded.

15. Final clause

15.1. The above-quoted General Terms and Conditions of Sale are essential and integral part of the Online Sale and they can not be modified , save a sale agreement between yu and the seller.

15.2. It is agreed that the seller can modify the General Terms and Conditions of sale in any moment. Therefore, it will be required to exclusively accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in effect at the time of the purchase .

15.3. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale enter into force at the time of publication on www.lightandesign.com website and they are valid for the orders presented after this date of publication .

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