How to install the best practical and beautiful floor lamp

Let’s talk about how to install the best practical and beautiful floor lamp.

The floor lamp is composed of three parts: the lampshade, the bracket and the base. It is a rare artistic lamp that is in direct contact with the ground, and the name of the floor lamp is also derived from this.

Common application scenarios, such as living room, bedroom, hotel room, etc. Regarding floor lamps, we may also face certain selection and installation problems.

01 Where to install floor lamps

The floor lamp itself can be moved, but it is only “tangled” by the power cord. So strictly speaking, floor lamps do not need to be installed, what is needed is proper selection and “placement”.

Usually, we put lamps in the living room and bedroom more often, acting as a similar effect to wall lamps and table lamps, that is, auxiliary lighting, and whether the lights are turned on or not, lamps have a good decorative effect.

When placed in the living room, the function is to provide auxiliary lighting for local activities such as reading, doing handicrafts, and playing chess. Therefore, if the lamp is placed in the living room, it is mostly placed beside the sofa, or the side of the coffee table that is not often used by people.

In some cases, in order to reduce the brightness difference between the TV screen and the surrounding environment, it is also a good choice to place the lamp on both sides of the TV.

When the floor lamp is placed in the bedroom, the main function is more like a table lamp. Put it on the bedside, the function is to read books and play with mobile phones. Put it on the dresser and writing desk, and its role is to assist “homework”.

02 What is the appropriate installation height for floor lamps?

Here we have to emphasize again that the selection and installation of any lamps must consider the volume (height, width) of the lamps themselves.

And the floor height of the house, the floor lamp is no exception, but the lamp is less sensitive to the floor height. According to the height, we usually divide floor lamps into three types: large lamps, medium lamps and small lamps.

Large lamps, with a height of 1.5-1.8m, a lampshade diameter of 40-50cm, and a light source wattage of about 60-100W (the floor lamps mentioned in this article are all incandescent lamps as an example), which are mostly placed in the living room.

Medium-sized lamp, the height is between 1.4-1.5m, the diameter of the lampshade is 30-45m, and the light source power is about 40-60W. It can be placed in the living room or in the bedroom, mainly for auxiliary lighting and decoration.

Small lamp, the height is between 1.1-1.4m, the diameter of the lampshade is between 25-45cm, the light source power usually used is 15-60W, and it is mostly used in the bedroom.

03 5 suggestions for floor lamps

First, in most of our home spaces at present, since the floor height is generally about 2.8m, it is not recommended to choose a lamp with a height of more than 1.8m;

Second, it is not recommended to use the floor lamp as the main lighting lamp, and it should be mainly used for auxiliary lighting and decoration;

Third, due to the limited height and the direction of the lampshade is mostly downward, the placement of the lamp should avoid tall furniture and obstacles;

Fourth, at the same time, because the height of the floor lamp is relatively low and it is relatively close to the human eye, when choosing, it is necessary to avoid lampshades with high light transmission and heavy materials, such as glass.

Should choose fabric, translucent acrylic and other light transmittance slightly weak and light shade. On the one hand, it avoids the stimulation of human eyes by strong light, and on the other hand, it is safer.

Fifth, any lamps should not be turned on and off frequently, let alone turn on and off in seconds.

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