How to choose the best crystal chandelier

When choosing a crystal chandelier, you must pay attention to the following points:

01 Crispness, Transparency of chandelier

Crystal is actually a kind of glass, it is a kind of purified product, and the price varies according to its lead content. Therefore, when you buy a crystal lamp, you must carefully identify the high-quality crystal lamp by the crispness and transparency of the crystal.

choose the best crystal chandelier

02 Pendant specifications are exquisite

The reason why the crystal lamp can bloom with dazzling light and show the gorgeous and noble temperament, all rely on the whole body of crystal pendants. Some imitation crystal chandelier pendant holes are not standard.

Or if there are sharp edges, wear, and different sizes, it will not only affect the appearance, but also easily crack. If the pendant of the crystal chandelier falls from the ceiling, it will pose a threat to the safety of the family.

choose the best crystal chandelier

03 Pay attention to the brand logo of the crystal lamp

Different brands of crystal lamps, their quality and price will vary greatly. The appearance of some imitation crystal lamps is almost comparable to that of some famous brand lamps, however, it is most likely “gold and jade, but ruined”.

choose the best crystal chandelier

04 Consider the structure and style of the living room

Regardless of floor height, room spacing, decoration and distribution of ceiling beams, interior design style, etc., are all factors to be considered when choosing and installing lighting.

choose the best crystal chandelier

05 Consider the lighting area

Generally, the lighting area can be measured according to the diameter of the crystal lamp or the wattage of the bulb. Generally, the crystal lamp is used as the main light source in the room, and it can be used with other lamps to exert its effect. At the same time, attention should be paid to low-carbon and environmentally friendly light sources in the selection of light sources. For example, the new high-power LED crystal lamp is a good choice for green home.

choose the best crystal chandelier

06 Consider the style of lamps

Generally, everyone decorates in a modern Chinese style, so when choosing a crystal lamp, you can choose a modern crystal lamp with a simple structure and fashion. At the same time, the simple crystal lamp is very convenient in the later maintenance and scrubbing process.

At present, there are more than 350 crystal chandelier manufacturers in China. The price of crystal chandeliers on the market is different, and the quality is also mixed. It is really not easy to choose a crystal chandelier with good quality and low price.

choose the best crystal chandelier

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