Bunny Lights For Your Rabbit

bunny light

When looking for a bunny light for your rabbit, make sure to consider the safety of your little one. There are two modes to keep your little one safe at night, one with a steady white light, and one with a fun animation of 9 colors. The best part is that you can choose from several colors to match your rabbit’s personality.


LumiPet is a friendly nightlight for your bed. It shines with nine different soft colors, including red light for optimal sleep. And it also works with the LumiPet app. This makes it easy to control the light to match your mood. For example, you can choose between red light and soft blue light. Yigolighting

LumiPet’s changing modes and lights make it the most innovative nightlight for children. It helps parents sleep better and ensures that their children stay safe at night. It comes with a remote and a USB cord, which you can plug into the wall to turn on and off.

LumiPets also make excellent night lights for a baby’s nursery. They feature gentle music and a multi-color night light. You can even turn off the light with a simple push of a button. And if you need a charge, the LumiPet comes with a USB cord for recharging its battery.


The Heico bunny light will open a child’s dream world with a soft veiled light, helping them relax and fall asleep. It has six LEDs that provide 6 W of light. A decorative object, the light also functions as a nightlight. It’s a great addition to any child’s room.

Made of heat-resistant plastic, the Heico bunny light gives off a gentle glow, soothing your child to sleep. It’s easy to operate, with a convenient 12 V plug. The light is also environmentally friendly. The product will add a retro feel to any child’s room and is sure to win the hearts of little ones.

Heico bunny lights are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The bunnies are hand-painted in Germany and each one has a unique face. The lamp has a cable length of 130 cm, is 26 cm wide, and is fully child-safe. It also comes with a mains-electric low voltage transformer and LED kit.


The GIOsleepy Bunny is an innoGIO lampamodel. It has an 8-szinben and a 7-kulonbozo bulb. It can be recharged by USB or kabla. The lamp is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms and study rooms.

GIOsleepy Bunny is a new model of light from InnoGIO. It lazes a nocturnal swiatlo, changing colors by means of a reki dot. The lamp can also play melodies. It has seven roznych szumow, so it’s the perfect light to use at night.

The GIOsleepy Bunny light is a fun soffusa lamp that also has soothing sounds. The lamp’s bulb doesn’t heat up, and its soft, fabric-covered bunny is delicate to touch. The soft fabric helps develop baby’s senses of touch, sight, and hearing. It also plays relaxing melodies.

Little Lights

These adorable little bunny lights provide a soft, glowing glow for the baby. Their gentle glow won’t hurt their eyes, making them perfect for nighttime breastfeeding or diaper changes. This product also comes with a seven-color breathing mode for the baby’s safety. This lamp is battery powered with a 600-mAh AA-NiCad rechargeable battery.

The light is also ideal for kids’ rooms. This cute little lamp is made from environmentally friendly lead-free PVC. Its internal LED light provides a soft glow that will not fade away after 15 minutes. It also comes with an on/off switch. It is not only adorable, but it is also very durable, too.