Gervasoni Furniture Review


Gervasoni creates beautiful living accessories that are functional yet stylish. He started by working with mesh material, and his designs include the Sweet 112 side table, the 96 suspension lamp, and the Gray collection, which is perfect for both contemporary and classic homes. This Italian designer has a distinctive aesthetic, and his products are available in a range of prices and styles.

Very Wood brand

The Very Wood brand is a new addition to the Gervasoni family and has been designed to serve hospitality markets. The brand’s collections combine the passion for wood with a refined, functional design. The brand’s designers were asked to create products that reflect the spirit of hospitality and community living. They then interpreted these ideas through coordinated product families.

‘sweet’ collection

The Gervasoni’sweet’ collection combines sinuous curves and harmonious interplay, inspired by a different “elsewhere.” The pieces in this collection, including chairs, lamps and mirrors, have great expressive force.

‘inout’ collection

The Gervasoni ‘inout’ collection features tables, armchairs, and sofas that are crafted from natural materials such as kubu rattan. These pieces are available in a variety of sizes and are stackable. The ‘inout’ collection also includes side tables, storage systems, and other accessories.

‘inout’ illuminated version

Gervasoni is a design studio from northern Italy that specializes in the production of designer furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their latest collection is the InOut collection, designed by Italian artist, designer, architect, art director, essayist and teacher, Paola Navone. She is also a passionate traveler and lover of culture.


A trademark of Gervasoni’s design is its versatility. The company designs its pieces with a keen eye for detail and uses a wide range of materials to create an eclectic blend of natural and industrial elements. This allows the furniture to easily blend in with any environment, from lounge areas to hotels and restaurants. Their products are flexible and innovative, making them an excellent choice for any interior design project.


A key characteristic of Gervasoni’s products is their flexibility. The company collaborates with designers and architects to create furniture that fits a variety of spaces. Its renowned customisation options extend to dimensions and finishes. The company is also able to manufacture bespoke products. These unique pieces add character to any space. Gervasoni’s versatility makes these products the perfect choice for any project.


In the 90s, Gervasoni reached new levels of avant-garde and innovation. Under the leadership of Paola Navone, the company was able to create a number of iconic collections that were both cutting-edge and tradition-rich.