The Dazzling Beauty of Orbit Globe Chandelier


Chandeliers have always been a centerpiece of any room. They add a touch of elegance and glamour to any space. However, in recent years, the traditional crystal chandeliers have evolved into various modern designs, and one such design is the Orbit Globe Chandelier. This intricate piece of art is both a light source and a conversation starter.


The Orbit Globe Chandelier is made up of several glass shades that combine to form a sphere. These shades are attached to a central metal frame that holds them in place. The metal frame can be square or circular in shape, depending on the design. The chandelier is available in a range of sizes and colors, and some models even have additional features such as adjustable arms and dimmable bulbs.


The design of the Orbit Globe Chandelier is inspired by the solar system. The glass shades represent planets in orbit around the central metal frame. The light bulbs inside the shades then simulate the sun, creating a mesmerizing effect similar to the solar system. The shades are made of hand-blown glass, which means that each piece is unique and adds character to the chandelier.


Maintaining an Orbit Globe Chandelier is not complicated. The chandelier can be cleaned using a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time. It is advisable to switch off the power before cleaning the chandelier.


The installation process for an Orbit Globe Chandelier can be complex, depending on the size and design. It is important to engage a professional electrician to ensure that the chandelier is installed correctly and in compliance with the electrical and building codes.

Where to Use an Orbit Globe Chandelier

The Orbit Globe Chandelier is a versatile lighting fixture that can be used in many settings. It is perfect for use in a dining room, foyer, living room, or any other space that requires a focal point. It is particularly useful in spaces with high ceilings, where it can draw the eye upwards and create a sense of height and space.

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