Lampa Oslo – A Stunning Display of Nordic Elegance


When it comes to home interiors, lighting is key. Lampa Oslo is a brand that has been making waves in the lighting scene, particularly in Scandinavian design. The brand’s unique blend of minimalist, functional and elegant lighting pieces have caught the eye of designers, architects and homeowners around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at Lampa Oslo and its wide range of offerings.

History and Overview

Lampa Oslo was founded by Norwegian designer, Fredrik Lassen-Andersen, in 2015. The brand’s philosophy is to combine traditional lighting techniques with contemporary design. The result is a product range that is both modern and timeless, practical and stylish. From pendant lights to floor lamps, Lampa Oslo’s collection caters to all lighting needs.

Design Aesthetics

Lampa Oslo’s design philosophy is rooted in Scandinavian minimalism. Each piece is stripped down to its core essentials, showcasing clean lines and geometric forms. The brand’s use of natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, further emphasize its Nordic-inspired design principles.

Product Range

Lampa Oslo’s product range includes various types of lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Their product range also encompasses a series of accessories including bulbs, cords, and canopies. In terms of materials, their products come in a range of finishes such as brushed brass, matte black, and natural wood.

Popular Pieces

One of Lampa Oslo’s most popular lighting fixtures is the ‘Asymmetrical Pendant.’ This light fixture is inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns, and boasts a simple yet striking design. Another favorite is the ‘Table Lamp R,’ which features an adjustable arm for versatility and convenience.

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