Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt: Transforming Lives Through Art and Architecture

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt is a renowned artist and architect whose impact in the field of art and architecture is widely felt across the globe. Her approach to architecture and art is unique, and she has dedicated her career to transforming lives through her creations.

Early Life and Career

Born in Denmark in 1955, Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt had a passion for art and architecture from a young age. She pursued both fields and started her career as an architect in Denmark. In the early years of her career, she worked on various architectural projects, including hospitals, housing complexes, and cultural centers.

Transition to Art

While Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt enjoyed her work as an architect, she felt that she needed to explore other forms of creativity. She started to experiment with different art forms, leading her to discover a deep passion for creating sculptures, installations, and public artworks.

Philosophy on Art and Architecture

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s philosophy is centered on the idea of creating art and architecture that enhances the lives of people. Her work is focused on sustainability, the use of natural materials, and the need to create harmonious spaces that respond to the needs of people.

Major Works

Over her long career, Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt has worked on numerous projects that have transformed the way people view art and architecture.

The Heart of the School

One of her most notable projects is ‘The Heart of the School,’ a major artwork that aimed to transform the learning environment of K√łge Nord School in Denmark. The project involved the installation of numerous artworks, including sculptures, seating areas, play areas, and outdoor spaces.

City Garden

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s ‘City Garden’ project, which she developed together with fellow artist Peter Holst Henckel, is another significant project that aims to transform urban landscapes. The City Garden design incorporates artwork into the urban environment, making it more inviting and accessible.

Sculptures and Installations

Apart from her major projects, Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt also creates sculptures and installations that have been displayed in various exhibitions across the globe. Her work is renowned for its playful and imaginative qualities, and she often creates pieces that challenge the viewer’s perceptions of space and form.


Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s work has had a significant impact in the world of art and architecture. Her focus on sustainability, the use of natural materials, and the creation of spaces that enhance people’s lives has inspired many other artists and architects.

Awards and Recognitions

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work. In 2017, she was awarded the Eckersberg Medal for her contribution to the arts in Denmark. She has also been recognized with the Finn Juhl Architectural Prize and the Rosenthal Porcelain Prize.

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt’s contribution to the world of art and architecture is immeasurable. Her work has inspired many other artists and architects to develop a more sustainable, people-focused approach to their work. Her incredible career serves as an inspiration to young artists and architects who aspire to make a difference in the world through their creativity.

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